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Payne Engineering 18D-H Variable Voltage Power Control

18D-H without enclosure
Single Phase, Phase Angle Control. 
Application: Variable Voltage Control of High Inrush Variable Resistance Loads.

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Payne Engineering Company

We are an authorized distributor for Payne Engineering.


All Solid State Construction

Exclusive "2 Millisecond" Fuses for Short-Circuit Protection
Exclusive "Vbo Clamping" Transient Voltage Protection
Exclusive Full Rated Operation in 500C (1 220 F) Ambients Without Fans
Exclusive Proprietary Heatsinks
Silent Arcless Switching 1/2 Second Soft-Start
Open-Chassis or Enclosed
Full Range of Control Options and Accessories


Model 18D-H SCR power controls utilize phase-angle firing to provide infinitely variable control of single-phase voltages to variable resistance loads such as quartz/tungsten tubes without derating These units are solid state replacements for variable transformers, saturable core reactors, electromechanical contactors and mercury relays. Power semiconductors replace contacts and brushes to switch electric power without moving parts, and when operated within their stated ratings for current voltage, and temperature, have no known MIBF or life expectancy rating.


18D-H SCR controls incorporate exclusive design features to protect power semiconductor components against damage:

1> Unique "Vbo Clamping" provides unmatched protection for power semiconductors against transient voltage spikes common on industrial power mains.

2> '2 millisecond" fuses protect semiconductors against short-circuit faults. Payne Engineering SCR controls are the only power controls in the industry equipped with factory tested and approved fuses coordinated with power semiconductors.

3> Proprietary heatsinks are engineered in-house, coordinating finite-element analysis (FEA) with on-site lab tests. Payne Engineering SCR controls operate at 500C (1220F) ambient temperatures with no derating.


Standard configuration of all Series 18D-H SCR controls is manual control via a 2700 turn potentiometer (included). A 1/2 second soft-start feature minimizes the current inrush to variable-resistance loads when first energized. Standard options allow for automatic open- or closed-loop control in response to an analog control signal from a temperature controller, PLC I/O module, or other external source. Other options allow controls to be configured for the specific requirements of each application.


a. fuse element melt time tmelt;
b. peak melt current lmelt;
c. arc quench time tarc;
d. peak arc current larc.

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PAYNE10019 18D-2-10Hi 240 Single 10 2.4 Select
PAYNE10059 18D-2-10Hi with Enclosure 240 Single 10 2.4  
PAYNE10066 18D-2-30H 240 Single 30 7.2 Select
PAYNE10009 18D-2-30H with Enclosure 240 Single 30 7.2  
PAYNE10039 18D-2-80H 240 Single 80 19.0 Select
PAYNE10029 18D-2-80H-with Enclosure 240 Single 80 19.0  

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