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Calorique, Ltd. Flexible Heaters for Ceilings, Stairs, Floors and Mirrors

We are an authorized distributor for Calorique, Ltd.

Radiant Ceiling Heaters. Attached to the underside of the ceiling joists, immediately behind the finish panels, this system provides uniform warmth from the evenly heated ceiling surface. Radiant Floor Heaters. Ideal for new construction and areas where access to the floor joists is possible, it is attached between the floor joists with a small, 2" air space between the elements and the floor surface.

Mirror de-fogging. A heater for bathroom mirrors that automatically defogs the mirror while you take your shower Heated Retrofit Stair Treads. Ice & Snow Melting Combined with an Anti-Slip Surface.  Once the stair treads have been screwed into position, just turn them on when it begins to snow, or when icy conditions become likely. Controls are available to make operation completely automatic.
ThermoWeave Mat Heaters for Laminate Flooring  Approved for installation under floating floors, including laminates such as Pergo«! You can even embed ThermoWeave within concrete and tiling adhesive in dry locations. Thermal Shield Drum Warmers. Offers a uniform and inexpensive method to keep 55 gallon drums of liquid at operating temperatures or protecting them from freezing. Operates at a low 240 watts, compared to alternative "belts" that use 1000 watts or more. Our durable, light weight, insulated covering is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
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