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Danfoss RX Roof & Gutter Deicing Cables
Danfoss RX roof and gutter de-icing cable
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danfoss logo
We are an authorized stocking distributor for Danfoss, Inc.

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danfoss roof with ice Danfoss RX constant watt heating cables ensure maximum energy efficiency and are designed for use with metal or asphalt roofing. Durable and high quality materials provide excellent moisture, corrosion and impact protection. Simply plug the RX cables directly to the power receptacle.
Kit includes:
-Professional Grade Heating cable
-Pre-terminated industrial strength AC plug
-Shingle clips (asphalt type) (enough to complete installation)
-Spacer clips (enough to complete installation)
-Smart Box packaging (100ft and above)

User Benefits:

  • ŸCan be installed on virtually any type of roof construction
  • ŸReduces damage to facades and roofs
  • ŸIs installed along the edge of the roof or in places where there is a risk of ice and snow formations
  • ŸRoof damage is prevented by an efficient and free draining of melt water
 danfoss vs competition
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Danfoss exclusive Smart Box Packaging:
The Danfoss RX Cable Kits come with the cable wound on to a built in spool. Just peel away the outside of the Smart Box and attach it to your cable spool holder. Available in kits 100ft or above)

danfoss smart box

Product Selector for a basic roof:

roof drawing

danfoss product selector

1. Total length(ft) of roof line (A) X 5 = RL
2. Total length (ft) of all down spouts
(E) x 2 = DS
3. Add RL + DS = estimated length (ft) of cable required.
**discuss more complicated roof lines with your distributor.

Shingle Clips

Extra clips can be ordered (enough are already included with each kit to complete the installation)

shingle clips
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danfoss clips guide

Also available as an accessory with 25 pcs per bag

For roofs with “soft shingles”
– Push clip up under shingle
– Place cable in clip and “lock”

Spacer Clips

Extra spacers can be ordered (enough are already included with each kit to complete the installation)

Click here for a larger image

Downspout Edge Protection Plate #088L3002

downspout Edge protection

Optional RX Type A and B Clips (clips for metal roofs):

Two plastic clips
– Type A for bottom of run
– Type B for top of run
Clips are screwed or glued in place on roof
– apply sealant to screws if used

Roof Clip Type A (088L0024):

Straight, for the bottom of the run.

danfoss type b clip

type a clip
Click here for a larger image

roof clip type b

For roofs with screw on roof plates
– Loosen screw
– Push hook over screw
– Tighten screw again
– Fasten cable

Roof Clip Type B (088L3003):

Type B has a radius to it for angles, for the top of the run.

roof clip type a

danfoss type a clip

For roofs with snow rails:
– Strip clip to rail
– Fasten cable

– Very versatile
Strapping at every angle
Can be glued as well

danfoss type a danfoss type b clip
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Secure Online Ordering
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Item ID Catalog # Description Click "Select" below to see the price and our actual real-time quantity in stock
DANFOSS088L3500 088L3500 120 Volt 30 Ft. 170 Watts 1.4 Amps
DANFOSS088L3502 088L3502 120 Volt 65 Ft. 310 Watts 2.6 Amps Select
DANFOSS088L3503 088L3503 120 Volt 80 Ft. 390 Watts 3.3 Amps
DANFOSS088L3504 088L3504 120 Volt 100 Ft. 450 Watts 3.8 Amps
DANFOSS088L3505 088L3505 120 Volt 120 Ft. 535 Watts 4.5 Amps
DANFOSS088L3508 088L3508 120 Volt 170 Ft. 760 Watts 6.3 Amps
DANFOSS088L3510 088L3510 120 Volt 230 Ft. 1080 Watts 9.0 Amps
DANFOSS088L3511 088L3511 120 Volt 265 Ft. 1220 Watts 10.2 Amps
Optional Accessories:
DANFOSS088L0024 088L0024 Roof Clips Type A 25pc. Bag Select
DANFOSS088L3003 088L3003 Roof Clips Type B 20 pc. Bag Select
DANFOSS088L3002 088L3002 Downspout Edge Protection Plate 1 pc.Bag Select
DANFOSS088L3004 088L3004 Spacer Clips 10pc Bag Select
DANFOSS088L3005 088L3005 Shingle Clips 25pc Bag Select

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