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ETI Snow and Ice Melting Controls and Sensors

Roof & Gutter Heat Trace and Infrared Snow Melting Controls
ETI Snow and Ice Melting Controls and Sensors
We are an authorized stocking distributor for ETI (Environmental Technology Inc.)


LCD-7 Aerial Snow Controller Automatic Control For Snow Melting. Snow Switch. Energy saving alternative to thermostat, manual or timer controls. 120 volt direct heater control for small applications such as wheelchair ramps and stairways or may operate external contactors in larger installations. Model LCD-1 Snow Switch (Automatic Control For Snow Melting) Low Cost Automatic Control Reduces Snow Melting Costs
MODEL GIT-3A Automatic gutter ice melting control.  Control operates ice melting heaters only while required Gutter-mounted sensor and a control enclosure connected by a 12' 6" cable. Senses both moisture and temperature conditions in the gutter or down spout.  Ice melting heaters operate at temperatures at or below 38º F (3.3º C).  120, 208/240 or 277 volt supply Model HSC–4 Pavement-Mounted Deicing Controller - Automatic Deicing Control Saves Energy
Model LCD-3  Automatic Deicing / Rain Blower Controls.  One Hour Hold-on Timer. Low temperature lockout at 17° F. Combined moisture and temperature sensors. Cost effective alternative to thermostatic or manual control. Deicing heaters operate between 17°F(-8.3°C) and 38°F (3.3°C) MODEL GIT-4 Automatic Gutter Ice Melting Control.  Remote monitor and control included, operates ice melting heaters only while required.  Gutter-mounted computerized sensor and a control enclosure connected by a 12' 6" (3.8 meter) cable. Heaters operate at temperatures below 38º F (3.3º C)  120, 208/240 or 277 volt supply
SST-2 Freeze Protection Thermostat Automatic freeze protection, 40°F (4.4°C) set point, Automatic supply voltage selection, Two-pole contactor switches up to 30 AMP heater loads, Alarm relay with isolated contact, Integral 30 mA GFEP , C-UL-US listed, Simple to install and operate, Minimum energy costs    


MODEL APS-3B Snow Switch. Automatic Snow/Ice Melting System Controller.  Controls mechanically-held contactors. NEMA 3R enclosure.  Adjustable heater hold-on timer. Heater cycle push button. Multiple sensor capability. MODEL APS–4 Snow Switch. Automatic Snow/Ice Melting System Controller.   Multiple sensor capability. Controls up to 10 satellite contactors. Timed heater cycle capability. Single and three-phase power control. Supply options: 208, 240, 277 and 480 volts. Contactor rating of 50 amps per pole
MODEL SC–40 Satellite Contactor. Automatic Snow/Ice Melting System Accessory. Low cost control of larger snow melting systems. Contactor rating of 50 amps per pole. Supply options: 208, 240, 277 and 480 volts. Single and three-phase power control. MODEL RCU–1 REMOTE CONTROL UNIT. Automatic Snow/Ice Melting System Accessory.  Remote system status indication. Convenient manual control for melting problem areas. The RCU-1 Remote Control Unit is a companion accessory to both the APS-3B and the APS-4 Snow/Ice Melting Controllers.

Sensors below must be used with APS-3 or APS-4 Panels

MODEL SIT–6E Pavement-Mounted Sensor. Reliable snow melting. Minimum energy costs. Control based upon pavement conditions. Rugged construction. Simple installation. Low voltage operation. Reliably detects snow and ice conditions on pavement surfaces. MODEL GIT–1 Automatic Gutter Deicing Controls Operating Costs. Sense both moisture and temperature for APS- 3B or APS-4 Control Panel.
MODEL CIT–1 Snow Sensor. General Purpose Snow Sensor. Senses both temperature and falling or blowing snow as precipitation at temperatures below 38°F(3.3°C) when used with either an APS– 3B or APS– 4 Control Panel.

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