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Qmark Wall Heaters - Type GFR

Qmark Electric Heating Products
We are an authorized distributor for Qmark

  • Ideal for bedrooms, dens, basements, converted attics, breezeways, garages, bathrooms, small offices, workshops, and other similar areas. Also adaptable to multiple installations in somewhat larger or odd shaped rooms.

  • Multi-wattage capability (see selection chart). With three models providing a wattage range from 375 watts (1280 Btu/hr) to 2400 watts (8190 Btu/hr), the GFR is a very versatile heater with a wattage output to satisfy a wide range of application.

  • The tangential blower and the impedance protected, permanently lubricated motor are trouble-free and very quiet.

  • Each unit comes equipped with an automatic over temperature protector that guards against overheating. Also standard is a pilot light that indicates the protector has operated.

  • The heating element features heavy gauge steel fins which are brazed to low watt density steel sheathed tubular elements in a uniform grid pattern.

  • Two mounting brackets are provided with each unit to aid in installation into new construction. When utilized, they correctly position and level the back box in the stud wall.

  • U.L. listed (UL File No. E21609)

The units can be operated by either a built-in or wall mounted, single pole or double pole, line voltage thermostat.

A separate back box, fan deck and front cover makes installation simple and quick. The slide in fan deck locks into place without the use of fasteners.

Temperature Control Range: 45 to 85 F.

The 240 Volt models will operate on 208V at 75% of rated wattage

Single Phase

Grille color: Northern White.


Clip~N~FitTM feature (US Patented No.6,172,343) allows the installer to change the wattage of the heater to a lower output without moving jumper wire. Each heater is factory wired for its maximum wattage. To change wattage, clip out either jumper 1 or 2 as shown in the installation manual for desired wattage. This Patented Clip~N~FitTM feature also prevents the operator to change wattage after installation to a higher wattage.

Dimensions (in inches)

Note: Knockouts in top - same dimensions as bottom

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Item ID Catalog # Volts Watts Amps Built-In T-stat Click "Select" below to see our price and actual real-time quantity in stock
QMARK685360033693 GFR1500T2 120



Double Pole Select
QMARK685360033686 GFR1500 120 1125/750/375 9.4/6.3/3.1 No  Select
QMARK685360033778 GFR2404T2 240 2400/1200 10.0/5.0 Double Pole Select
QMARK685360033747 GFR2004T2 240



Double Pole Select
QMARK685360033754 GFR2404 240 2400/1200 10.0/5.0 No  Select
QMARK685360033723 GFR2004 240



No Select
Optional Accessories:
QMARK685360059266 GFRSM Surface Mounting Frame Select
QMARK685360033679 GFRTSP Single Pole Built-In Thermostat, 25 AMPS 120-240V Select
QMARK685360033662 GFRTDP Double Pole Built-In Thermostat, 25 AMPS 120-240V Select
Wall Mount Thermostats: (Optional)


White Mears Single Pole Thermostat, wall mount Select


Ivory Mears Single Pole Thermostat, wall mount Select


White Mears Double Pole Thermostat, wall mount Select


Ivory Mears Double Pole Thermostat, wall mount Select
AUBE10010 TH115-A-240D Aube Tech. Double Pole, 240V Programmable Line Voltage Thermostat. 3600W @ 240V 15 Amp resistive 60 Hz 4 wires / DPST. 7-day programming, pre-programmed, backlight. 4 wires / DPST Select
QMARK98319841025 TC1 Qmark Clear Plastic Universal Lockable Thermostat Guard. Dimensions: 7"L x 4.28"H x 2.74"D. Select
*This delivery time is for normal conditions and is subject to Qmark factory availability.

Qmark is a registered trademark and division of Marley Engineered Products.

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