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EASYHEAT GFST-1 120V Plug-In Power Connection Kit

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EASYHEAT Line Plug to Heating Cable. Plug Adapter Kit for SR Cable with 30 Ma ground fault circuit protection. For EasyHeat SR Series self-regulating cable.


Line Plug to Heating Cable, Plug Adapter Kit for Easy Heat SR trace 120 Volt Self-Regulating Roof and Gutter or Pipe Heat Trace Cable. The GFST-1 120 volt plug in power connection kit with ground fault circuit protection provides a convenient, integrated solution for Self Regulating cable connection for freeze protection installations of water pipes, refrigeration drain lines and roof / gutter applications.



Technical Data


NOTE: Instructions are a supplement to heating cable connection kit instructions.
1.  Position the heating cable with ground braid and ELCI ground lead on the same side.  Remove 1.25” (32mm) of the bus wire opposite the live (black) lead of the ELCI from the heating cable, creating an offset for insulated splice connections.
2.  Slide one 0.63” (16mm) dia., 9” (229mm) length shrink tube over one heater cable. Slide one 0.5” (13mm) dia., 6” (152mm) length shrink tube over the ELCI cold lead. Crimp the buss wires and lead wires together using insulated splice connectors.
3.  Center the 0.5” (13mm) dia., 6” (152mm) length shrink tube over the con¬nectors leaving the ground braid strap and lead exposed. Shrink with heat gun until completely shrunk. A uniform bead of glue should appear around the ends of the shrink tube.
4.  Shorten (cut) the ground braid strap on the heating cable so that ground braid strap and ground lead butt at the splice centerline. Tightly twist the ground braid strap. Crimp the ground braid strap to the ground lead using an un-insulated splice connector. Secure connector at the indented area with one and a half wraps of fiberglass tape (not included in kit)
5.  Center the 0.63” (16mm) dia.,  9” (229mm) length shrink tube over the splice. Shrink with heat gun until completely shrunk. A uniform bead of glue should appear around the ends of the shrink tube.

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