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EASYHEAT HB and HB-2 Series Freeze Protection Cable, Pipe Heating System

HB Product Coil

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EASYHEAT, the leader in residential pipe freeze protection, presents the HB Series pipe heating system. Pre-assembled and ready for installation, the cable prevents pipes from freezing, keeping water flowing to -40.  HB cables operate on 120 and 240 Volt AC and are suitable for use on plastic and metal water pipes. 240 Volt capability (HB-2 series) and the cable is hard wired to the power source.  Construction includes ground braid, black outer jacket, and 2 ft orange 14/3 cold lead.

This system can be installed with confidence that it will operate for years without requiring service. All components are made of the highest quality material and are tested during critical points in the manufacturing process.
Wrap-On Pipe Insulation. Fiberglass Pipe Insulation available in 1/2-inch and 1-inch thick rolls of high tensile strength fiberglass and is ideal for insulating pipe heating cables and hot or cold water pipes. It reduces heat loss from hot water pipes.
Aluminum Foil Tape High temperature tape roll with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. 2" (5.08 cm) wide x 150 ft. (54.86 m) long roll, 200 F (93C) rated.
Fiberglass Cloth Tape Fiberglass cloth tape roll with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. Fiberglass cloth tape roll with pressure-sensitive thermosetting silicone adhesive. 365 F (185C) rated. 3/4" (1.9 cm) wide x 108 ft. (32.91 m) long roll.

When it comes to freeze protection, stay with the leader -- Easy Heat!

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HB Series (120 Volt)
Item ID Catalog# Description

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EASY10334 HB01 3.28' length. 23 watts Select
EASY10339 HB02 6.56' length. 46 watts Select
EASY10224 HB03 9.84' length. 69 watts Select
EASY10211 HB04 13.12' length. 92 watts Select
EASY10164 HB05 16.41'length. 115 watts Select
EASY10096 HB06 19.69' length. 138 watts Select
EASY10165 HB07 22.97' length, 161 watts Select
EASY10114 HB09 29.53' length, 207 watts Select
EASY10206 HB12 39.37' length, 275 watts Select
EASY10200 HB18 59.06' length. 414 watts Select
EASY10293 HB24 78.74' length, 551 watts Select
HB-2 Series (240 Volt)
EASY10262 HB02-2 6.56' length. 46 watts Select
EASY10225 HB04-2 13.12' length. 92 watts Select
EASY10287 HB06-2 19.69' length. 138 watts Select
EASY10321 HB08-2 26.25' length, 184 watts Select
EASY10565 HB10-2 32.81' length, 230 watts Select
EASY10566 HB12-2 39.37' length, 275 watts Select
EASY10567 HB14-2 45.93' length, 321 watts Select
EASY10568 HB18-2 59.06' length. 414 watts Select
EASY10444 HB24-2 78.74' length, 551 watts Select
ETI22744 SST-2 ETI Freeze Protection Thermostat Select
CHROM383355 AT-1 Roll of Aluminum Tape, 2" Wide x 150 ft Long Select
TAPE10004 SM431 3/4" Fiberglass Cloth Tape, 3/4" x 36 yds Select



Standard 3-inch Wide Fiberglass




Jumbo 6-inch Wide Fiberglass




Vinyl-Backed 3-inch Wide Fiberglass




Pipe-Guard 3-inch Wide Fiberglass


EasyHeat is a registered trademark of EasyHeat, Inc.

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