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Qmark Type IUH Industrial Unit Heaters

Qmark Electric Heating Products
We are an authorized distributor for Qmark

5 & 7.5 kW
  • Applications include primary, supplementary, or auxiliary heat source in factories, stores, warehouses, public buildings, service stations, workshops, large or exposed areas or additions.

  • All motors and contactor coils are 240 volt and operate on the secondary of a factory installed step-down power transformer on 480 and 600 volt heaters so a separate fan and motor control power source is not needed.

  • Steel fins are copper brazed to low watt density, steel-sheathed tubular heating elements. Fins and elements are arranged in a uniform grid pattern and fit closely into the air discharge area to assure that all incoming air passes through the heating element. Element is finished with aluminized paint for corrosion resistance. Uniform discharge of all heated air lowers internal operating temperatures and prolongs element life.

  • 5KW and 7.5KW heaters can be used in horizontal or vertical position. Heaters come equipped with ceiling mounting bracket for horizontal or vertical flow mounting or any position in between.

  • U.L. listed (UL File No. E21609)

  • S, M and L sizes
  • 5 to 30 KW
  • Easy access for service
  • A high-limit cutout automatically shuts off current in the event of overheating and reactivates the heater when temperature returns to normal.

  • Epoxy paint finish. Cabinet is finished with an epoxy coating for excellent corrosion resistance. The finished color is neutral gray.

Qmark IUH Installation Instructions
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Controls & Accessories

Item ID

Catalog #

Htr. Volt KW Ph. Hz. Amps @ 1 Ph Amps @ 3 Ph Branch Circuit Fusing Click "Select" below to see our price and actual real-time quantity in stock
QMARK685360041971 IUH524 240 5 1 or 3 50/60 20.8 12 Not Required Select
*Delivery time: The following heaters typically ship in 7-10 working days or less.
QMARK685360042022 IUH548 480 5 1 or 3 50/60 10.4 6 Not Required Select
QMARK685360042046 IUH560 600 5 3 50/60 4.8 Not Required Select
QMARK685360042091 IUH724 240 7.5 1 or 3 50/60 31.3 18.1 Not Required Select
QMARK685360042129 IUH748 480 7.5 1 or 3 50/60 15.6 9 Not Required Select
QMARK685360042145 IUH760 600 7.5 3 50/60 7.2 Not Required Select
QMARK685360041766 IUH1024 240 10 1 or 3 50/60 43.3 25.7 Not Required Select
QMARK685360041803 IUH1048 480 10 1 or 3 50/60 21.6 12.8 Not Required Select
QMARK685360041827 IUH1060 600 10 3 50/60 9.6 Not Required Select
QMARK685360041841 IUH1524 240 15 1 or 3 50/60 64.1 37.7 6-30 amp Select
QMARK685360041872 IUH1548 480 15 1 or 3 50/60 32.1 18.8 Not Required Select
QMARK685360041889 IUH1560 600 15 3 50/60 14.5 Not Required Select
QMARK685360041902 IUH2048 480 20 1 or 3 50/60 42.5 24.8 Not Required Select
QMARK685360041919 IUH2060 600 20 3 50/60 19.3 Not Required Select
QMARK685360041926 IUH2548 480 25 3 50/60 31.1 Not Required Select
QMARK685360041933 IUH2560 600 25 3 50/60 24 Not Required Select
QMARK685360041940 IUH3048 480 30 3 50/60 36.9 Not Required Select
QMARK685360041957 IUH3060 600 30 3 50/60 28.9 Not Required Select
Accessories & Controls
*Delivery time: Typically ships in 1 working day or less
QMARK685360041698 IUHCWB1 Combination wall/ceiling bracket for 5KW thru 15KW units. Select
QMARK685360041735 IUHTA1 Single pole thermostat kit 60-120°F temp. range for field installation in all units except 3Ø IUH520SA & IUH524SA.  Select
*Delivery time: The following accessories typically ship in 7-10 working day or less
QMARK685360041704 IUHCWB2 Same as IUHCWB1 but for 20KW thru 50KW units. Select
QMARK685360041742 IUHTA2 Double Pole Thermostat (60-120°F) for 3Ø IUH520SA & IUH524SA. Select
QMARK685360041711 IUHDS30 3-pole power disconnect switch kit for field installation on all horizontal unit heaters rated 30 amps or less. Select
QMARK685360041728 IUHDS63 3-pole power disconnect switch kit for field installation on all horizontal unit heaters 10KW and above rated at 30 to 63 amps. Select
QMARK685360140278 IUHSW Summer-Winter fan switch kit for field installation, built-in or remote for all units. Provides summer fan operation. Select
*This delivery time is for normal conditions and is subject to Qmark factory availability.

Qmark is a registered trademark of Marley Engineered Products.

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