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EASYHEAT Freeze Free Residential (Dry Locations) Pipe Heating Cable System (Cut to Length in the Field Pipe Trace)

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A Freeze Free system is easy to buy, easy to install and includes all the materials needed for a safe and proper installation. The cable is available on reels and can be cut to the correct length for the specific application.  A rugged metal braided jacket provides an electrical ground as well as protection against damage. Completing the system is easy: simply insert the cable into the special plug and tighten the screws. EASYHEAT's patented plug design ensures proper cable placement. An end-cap placed on the other end of the cable provides appropriate protection. Using self-regulating technology, this cable actually produces only the heat that is needed, where and when it is needed, to prevent pipe freeze-up. UL listed and Factory Mutual Systems certified, this system can be installed with confidence and with the assurance that it will operate for years without requiring service. This product is suitable for use on plastic and metal water pipes. Use the Freeze Free system to make sure your pipes don't freeze.

10802 Freeze Free Connection Kit

HCA 30 feet of application/caution tape

A special self-regulating core is at the center of the Freeze Free cable. This core is conductive and adjusts according to the surrounding temperatures. When it is cold, the cable's core has many conductive paths that generate enough heat to keep the water flowing in the pipe. As the surrounding temperature warms, there are fewer conductive paths and less heat is generated. This self-regulating technology ensures the right amount of heat when and where it is needed.

EH38 Thermostatically Controlled Device. Current Tap. EH38 Preset Thermostat device allows cable to energize below 38F and to turn off automatically at about 50F.  1500 watt, 15 amp capacity. 125 Volts.  For dry locations only.  With power indicator light.

100', 300' and 500' reels


Pipe Size: Outside diameter & Length:
Lowest expected air temperature: (disregard wind-chill, it has been figured into the length selection chart)
Number of valves and spigots
Distance from pipe to electrical outlet:

Calculate the exact heater length you need:

Multiply the cable length required per foot of pipe by the length of your pipe.  Add one extra foot for each valve located in your line.  Add the length from the pipe to the electrical outlet.  Maximum cable length is 50 ft.

(Cable length required per foot of pipe x pipe length)
    + one foot for each valve or spigot
    + distance from pipe to electrical outlet
    = total cable length

Refer to the length selection charts above.

These charts will tell you the length of the cable you need per foot of pipe and also the recommended distance to leave between each spiral wrap of cable on the pipe.

How to use the length selection charts:

Choose either chart # 1 or chart # 2 for your type of pipe (plastic or metal). Read down to find you pipe diameter, then read across to the box below your lowest expected temperature.  The first number appearing in the box will tell you the length (feet) of cable you need per foot of pipe.  The second number indicates the recommended distance between each spiral wrap of cable on the pipe.  The abbreviation "str" indicates that the cable should be run in a straight line instead of a spiral wrap.

ETI SST-2 Freeze Protection Thermostat Automatic freeze protection, 40F (4.4C) set point, Automatic supply voltage selection, Two-pole contactor switches up to 30 AMP heater loads, Alarm relay with isolated contact, Integral 30 mA GFEP , C-UL-US listed, Simple to install and operate, Minimum energy costs

Easy Heat Installation Instructions

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EASY10075 10805 5 feet of cable with plug and end seal kit Select
EASY10043 10815 15 feet of cable with plug and end seal kit Select
EASY10044 10803 1 plug and end seal kit Select
EASY10038 EH38 Preset Thermostat Select
EASY10088 NPro-50 50 feet of cable - 3 plug and end seal kits and application/caution tape Select
EASY10049 2102 100 feet of Freeze Free cable Select
EASY10071 2302 300 feet of Freeze Free cable Select
EASY10215 2502 500 feet of Freeze Free cable Select
EASY10073 10802 Freeze Free Connection Kit Select
EASY10048 FFEC 5 End Caps Select
EASY10050 HCA 30 feet of application/caution tape Select

EasyHeat is a registered trademark of EasyHeat, Inc.

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