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EASYHEAT WarmTiles Floor Warming System

Warm Tiles

We are an authorized stocking distributor for EasyHeat, Inc.

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Floor Heating

Warm Tiles Kits

Ceramic tile, slate and marble floors are attractive and durable alternatives to wood, carpet or vinyl floors. Unfortunately these floors can be cold, even at room temperature. Warm Tiles® electric floor warming systems by EASYHEAT make cold floors pleasantly warm. The Warm Tiles electric floor warming system has been designed to gently warm flooring materials such as marble, ceramic and porcelain tile, laminate, slate, granite and poured or dimensional stone. Suitable for new construction or remodeling, the Warm Tiles system radiates gentle warmth through a network of low profile cables. UL Listed and CSA Certified, it is placed in the mortar just below the tiles, never compromising tile installation.  Although installing a Warm Tiles system is an easy task, we recommend using a knowledgeable installer.  Warm Tiles has been assigned a Light Commercial Floor Service Rating to the ASTM C627 Standard for Evaluating Ceramic Floor Tile Installation Systems (the Robinson floor test).   Installation involves locating the outlet box in the wall directly above area to be warmed and bringing appropriate power feed to the box. Determining the correct placement and spacing of cable attachment strapping, and attaching the strapping to the floor. Weaving the WarmTiles® cable to cover the area, snapping it into the strapping notches to maintain proper spacing. Installing flooring over the WarmTiles® cabling.  Installing the thermostat, including floor sensor previously installed with WarmTiles® cable, and energizing the circuit.

Warm Tiles fits in any room: bathrooms, kitchens, nurseries, living rooms-wherever you want tile floors. Operating on ordinary current, Warm Tiles comfort costs less than one cent per square foot per day when cables are installed together with the specially designed thermostat. EASYHEAT offers all materials needed for a complete Warm Tiles electric floor warming system.

UL Listed CSA Certified

DT-1 Detecto Cable Fault Indicator

Senses if the cable is damaged during installation onto the subfloor BEFORE tile is installed.
Avoid mistakes that require pulling up tile.

Calculate total square footage of the area to be warmed. Do not include areas under vanities, cabinets and floor standing appliances, plumbing fixtures or inaccessible areas.


Each cable set covers a range of areas by adjusting spacing in LOW TRAFFIC areas of the room and/or by placing cable up to 6" away from walls.

Installation Instructions

WarmTiles Installation Instructions in .pdf format

You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in.

Match your true floor area (Walkable) with the Product Selector below.

Use the Warm Tiles Product Selector Charts below to calculate which Warm Tiles cable to buy.  You may have a typical installation, such as over a wood sub-floor, so follow the 3" column down to the area you have.  For special floor area considerations (floor areas of greater heat loss) - concrete slabs, basements, sunrooms, solariums, areas above unheated spaces such as garages, crawlspaces or basements - follow the 3"/1.5" column to the area you have.  Even if you do not have a floor area of greater heat loss, you can choose 3"/1.5" Spacing if you think that you will prefer a potentially warmer floor than normal. (You can always turn down the thermostat.)  Then, depending on your system size, choose one or more thermostats.

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Item ID Catalog# Kit Code

Coverage Area to be Warmed in Ft2 (less cabinets, fixtures & low traffic areas.)

Watts Length (Ft.) Amps Click "Select" below to see our price and actual real-time quantity in stock
Standard Spacing (3” spacing) Alternating Spacing (3”-1½”-3”-1½”-etc.)
120 Volt Kits:
EASY10295 DFT1011 Blue Kit 9-13 7-9 132 42 1.1 Select
EASY10296 DFT1016 Red Kit 14 - 18 10-13 193 62 1.6 Select
EASY10297 DFT1022 Green Kit 19 - 26 14 - 19 260 86 2.2 Select
EASY10298 DFT1030 Yellow Kit 27 - 34 20 - 26 363 121 3 Select
EASY10299 DFT1039 Purple Kit 35 - 42 27 - 33 480 155 4 Select
EASY10300 DFT1048 Orange Kit 43 - 54 34 – 39 616 190 5 Select
EASY10294 DFT1059 Brown Kit 55 - 65 40 - 48 766 235 6.4 Select
EASY10449 DFT1069 Beige Kit 66-72 49-54 895 275 7.5 Select
EASY10450 DFT1079 White Kit 73-82 55-62 1022 313 8.5 Select
EASY10451 DFT1088 Pink Kit 83-92 63-69 1055 350 8.8 Select
EASY10452 DFT1098 Silver Kit 93-102 70-76 1154 390 9.6 Select
EASY10453 DFT1108 Black Kit 103-113 77-85 1288 430 10.7 Select
240 Volt Kits:
EASY10301 DFT2021 A Kit
18 - 25
13 - 19
264 84
EASY10302 DFT2031 B Kit
26 - 35
20 - 27
386 124
EASY10303 DFT2053 C Kit
48 - 55
35 - 44
631 210
EASY10304 DFT2065 D Kit
60 - 70
45 - 54
783 258
EASY10305 DFT2078 E Kit
71 - 83
55 - 63
963 310
EASY10306 DFT2095 F Kit
90 - 100
64 - 75
1232 380
EASY10307 DFT2118 G Kit
110 - 130
84 - 94
1522 473
EASY10308 DFT2137 H Kit
131 - 145
95 - 108
1790 549
EASY10309 DFT2157 I Kit
146 - 165
109 - 125
2027 626
EASY10310 DFT2175 J Kit

166 - 184

126 - 138 2109 700 8.8 Select
EASY10311 DFT2195 K Kit

185 - 204

139 - 153 2307 780 9.6 Select
EASY10312 DFT2215 L Kit

205 - 225

154 - 169 2576 860 10.7 Select
Optional Accessories:
EASY10584 DT-1 Detecto Cable Fault Indicator Select
EASY10317 DFTRK WarmTiles Cable Repair Kit (Can be used with the new DFT system or the discontinued FT system.) Select
EASY10221 10739-001 Replacement or Back-up Thermistor Sensor (Installing a second sensor as a back-up in case the one included with the thermostat fails is recommended.) Select
EASY10254 DFTCK Metal Strap Kit: 1 - 25' roll Select
EASY10322 CKT Concrete Kit Tape (25 Feet) Select

EasyHeat and WarmTiles are registered trademarks of EasyHeat, Inc.

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