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Qmark Type CBD Heavy Duty Commercial Baseboard Heaters

Qmark Type CBD Heavy Duty Commercial Baseboard Heater

Links to other types of Baseboard Heaters:
Residential/Commercial Dimplex Electromode (LC Series) Linear Convector Baseboard Heaters. An all new revolutionary design with a reduced length that is up to 42% shorter than other baseboard heaters. Residential or commercial. May be used with wall thermostat or optional top mounted built-in dial thermostat.
Residential/Commercial Dimplex Electromode (LPC Series) Linear Convector Electronic Thermostat Baseboard Heaters
. An all new revolutionary design with a reduced length that is up to 42% shorter than other baseboard heaters. Residential or commercial. Includes On-board Electronic Thermostat with wireless single, or multiple heater temperature control.
Hydronic Qmark Baseboard Heaters (HBB Series) Low unit surface temperatures. Heating element is submerged in heat transfer fluid in a copper tube so heat is transferred evenly and quietly.
Hydronic Markel Baseboard Heaters (3900 Series) Liquid filled elements, Residential models in “White” powder coat finish, Commercial models available in “Bankers Bronze”, Extruded 12 gauge aluminum housing.
Residential Qmark Standard Baseboard Heaters (2500 Series) For single family homes, apartments, modular or mobile homes as primary, secondary or supplemental heat. 21 different accessories available.
Commercial Qmark Baseboard Heaters (QMKC Series) Commercial Baseboard. 18 Gauge Front Cover. For high-traffic areas such as restaurants, offices, schools, institutions, etc.

Qmark Electric Heating Products
We are an authorized distributor for Qmark

CBD Series heavy-duty baseboard, with its complete line of accessories and controls, can solve the space heating needs of virtually any type commercial structure. Individual room control allows you to heat each room separately for utmost energy savings.

CONSTRUCTION - This heavy-duty baseboard is designed specifically for commercial use. The front cover is made of 16 gauge cold rolled steel. A built-in wireway runs the length of each heater.

ELEMENT - Heating element design combines the durability of a steel tubular heater with the excellent heat transfer characteristics of aluminum fins.

JUNCTION BOXES - Identical prewired junction boxes at each end are large and roomy to work in. Knockouts are provided in the backside or the bottom of each heater end.

Heavy-duty welded steel louvered grilles discourage insertion of foreign objects and direct heat outward into the room. The junction boxes are made of high-strength Lexan to resist scratches and wear marks.

Qmark CBD Series Electrical Knockout Location

Qmark CBD Series Control Section Dimension Information Qmark CBD Series Dimension Information

Optional Thermostats and Accessories:
Qmark HBBT1 and HBBT2 Side View
Qmark HBBT1TP and HBBT2TP Side View

Qmark CBD Installation Instructions
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Optional Thermostats and Accessories

Baseboard Heaters:

Item ID

Catalog #

Volts Watts Amps BTU/Hr. Length Click "Select" below to see our price and actual real-time quantity in stock
QMARK685360014777 CBD500 120 500 4.2 1706 28" Select
QMARK685360014807 CBD508 208 500 2.4 1706 28" Select
QMARK685360014791 CBD507 277/240/208 500/375/282 1.8/1.6/1.4 1706 28" Select
QMARK685360014814 CBD750 120 750 6.3 2560 34" Select
QMARK685360014845 CBD758 208 750 3.6 2560 34" Select
QMARK685360014821 CBD754 240/208 750/562 3.1/2.7 2560 34" Select
QMARK685360014838 CBD757 277/240/208 750/562/422 2.7/2.3/2.0 2560 34" Select
QMARK685360014623 CBD1000 120 1000 8.3 3413 46" Select
QMARK685360014654 CBD1008 208 1000 4.8 3413 46" Select
QMARK685360014647 CBD1007 277/240/208 1000/750/562 3.6/3.1/2.7 3413 46" Select
QMARK685360014661 CBD1250 120 1250 10.4 4265 58" Select
QMARK685360014692 CBD1258 208 1250 6 4265 58" Select
QMARK685360014685 CBD1257 277/240/208 1250/938/704 4.5/3.9/3.4 4265 58" Select
QMARK685360014708 CBD1500 120 1500 12.5 5120 70" Select
QMARK685360014739 CBD1508 208 1500 7.2 5120 70" Select
QMARK685360014722 CBD1507 277/240/208 1500/1125/844 5.4/4.7/4.1 5120 70" Select
QMARK685360014760 CBD2008 208 2000 9.6 6825 94" Not UPSable
QMARK685360014753 CBD2007 277/240/208 2000/1500/1125 7.2/6.3/5.4 6825 94" Not UPSable
*Delivery time: The following heaters are non-stock and typically ship in 14-19 workdays or less
QMARK685360014784 CBD504 240/208 500/375 2.1/1.8 1706 28" Select
QMARK685360014630 CBD1004 240/208 1000/750 4.2/3.6 3413 46" Select
QMARK685360014678 CBD1254 240/208 1250/938 5.2/4.5 4265 58" Select
QMARK685360014715 CBD1504 240/208 1500/1125 6.4/5.4 5120 70" Select
QMARK685360014746 CBD2004 240/208 2000/1500 8.3/7.2 6825 94" Not UPSable

*Delivery time for the following products:  Typically in stock.  Shipped in 1 working day or less.

Item ID Catalog # Description Click "Select" below to see our price and actual real-time quantity in stock
QMARK685360035574 HBBT1 Install integral on Baseboard, rated 22 amp @ 120 VAC, Single Pole Thermostat Snap Action Type. Field Installed in Junction Box. (Note: Thermostat comes assembled to end cap) Select
QMARK685360035598 HBBT2 Install integral on Baseboard, Double Pole version of HBBT1. 208/240V Select
AUBE10005 TH104 SPST Digital Line Voltage Thermostat, 120/240V


AUBE10003 TH106 Aube Tech. 120/240V, S.P.S.T., Programmable Line Voltage Thermostat Select
AUBE10065 TH108PLUS Aube Tech. Backlit LCD 240V Non-Programmable Line Voltage Thermostat, SPST, 3000 watts @ 240 volts, Single pole, 2 wires. Select
AUBE10053 TH114-A-240D

Aube Tech. non-programmable 3600W @ 240V, 15.0 A resistive 60 Hz - backlight. 4 wires / DPST

AUBE10056 TH114-A-120S Aube Tech. non-programmable 2000W @ 120V, 16.7 A resistive 60 Hz - backlight. 4 wires / SPST Select
AUBE10010 TH115-A-240D Aube Tech. Double Pole, 240V Programmable Line Voltage Thermostat. 3600W @ 240V 15 Amp resistive 60 Hz 4 wires / DPST. 7-day programming, pre-programmed, backlight. 4 wires / DPST Select
AUBE10022 TH115-A-120S 2000 W @ 120 V, 16.7 A - 7-day programming, pre-programmed, backlight. 4 wires / SPST Select
WR10001 WR-65 1A65-641 SPST Thermostat, 40F to 85F, 22 amp 120V, Single Pole, wall mount Select
WR10002 WR-66 1A66-641 DPST Thermostat, 40F to 85F, 22 amp 208/240V, 18 amp 277V, Double Pole (D.P.S.T.), wall mount Select
WR10009 24A06G-1 White Rodgers Dual Level-Temp Low Voltage Control Systems Select
AUBE10036 TH115-A-024T 0.5 A @ 24 V - R, C, W. 7-day programming, pre-programmed, backlight, low voltage Select
AUBE10023 RC840T-240 Aube Technologies 208/240V Electromechanical relay with transformer. Select
AUBE10057 RC840T-277 Aube Technologies 277V Electromechanical relay with transformer. Select
AUBE10043 RC840 Aube Technologies 277V Electromechanical relay without transformer. Select
QMARK98319841025 TC1 Qmark Clear Plastic Universal Lockable Thermostat Guard. Dimensions: 7"L x 4.28"H x 2.74"D. Select
HONEYWELL10010 TL6120A1016

Honeywell LineVoltPRO 6000 5-2 day programmable thermostat - Single Pole - 240 Vac - White - SPST - 12.5 Amps Max: 3000 Watts at 240 VAC - 40 F to 80 F - Stages: 1 Heat

HONEYWELL10020 TL7235A1003

Honeywell LineVoltPRO 7000 Digital Non-Programmable White Thermostat. Double Pole, 15 Amps, 3600 Watts at 240 VAC, 3120 Watts at 208 VAC

AUBE10090 TL8230A1003

Honeywell LineVoltPRO 8000 7-Day Programmable Electric Heat Thermostat. Double Pole, 3600 W @ 240 V, 15 A. 7-day programming, pre-programmed, backlight

HONEYWELL10021 TL8130A1005

Honeywell LineVoltPRO 8000 Digital Programmable White Electric Heat Thermostat. Single Pole 16.7 Amps Max; 4000 Watts at 240 VAC, 3470 Watts at 208 VAC

HONEYWELL10015 YTL9160AR1000

Honeywell RedLINK Enabled EConnect Wireless Programmable Line Volt Thermostat kit switches up to 12.5 A. Kit includes Thermostat, Electrical Heat Equipment Interface Module and Antenna

HONEYWELL10016 TLM1110R1000

Honeywell RedLINK Enabled EConnect Interface Module and Antenna adds up to 12.5A of capacity to a Honewell EConnect Wireless Thermostat Kit

HONEYWELL10017 THM6000R1002

Honeywell RedLINK Internet Gateway plugs into your router and provides remote access to RedLINK enabled thermostats through internet browser, smartphone or tablet



 White WR-65W SPST Thermostat, 40F to 85F, 120/240/277V, Single Pole, wall mount



 White WR-66W DPST Thermostat, 40F to 85F, 240/277V, Double Pole (D.P.S.T., Includes off position), wall mount

*Delivery time: The following thermostats and accessories are non-stock and typically ship in 7-10 workdays or less.
QMARK685360035581 HBBT1TP Same as Model HBBT1 Except Tamperproof Version. Select
QMARK685360035604 HBBT2TP Same as Model HBBT2 Except Tamperproof Version. Select
QMARK685360035383 HBBAC Air Conditioner Outlet Section. 20 Amps at 208V and 240 VAC. NEMA 6-20R. Select
QMARK685360035420 HBBDR Duplex Receptacle Section. 15 Amps at 120 Volt. NEMA 5-15R. Select
QMARK685360035611 HBBWS 8” Blank Wiring Section Select
QMARK685360035475 HBBLVR0 Low Voltage Relay Section Control. 25 Amps at 120 VAC. Select
QMARK685360035505 HBBLVR8 Low Voltage Relay Section Control. 25 Amps at 208 VAC. Select
QMARK685360035482 HBBLVR4 Low Voltage Relay Section Control. 25 Amps at 240 VAC. Select
QMARK685360035499 HBBLVR7 Low Voltage Relay Section Control. 22 Amps at 277 VAC. Select
QMARK685360035390 HBBCDS2 2 Pole Disconnect Switch Section Select
*Delivery time: The following accessories are non-stock and typically ship in 14-19 workdays or less.
QMARK685360014531 CBDBS2 2' Blank Section Select
QMARK685360014548 CBDBS3 3' Blank Section Select
QMARK685360014555 CBDBS4 4' Blank Section Select
QMARK685360014562 CBDBS5 5' Blank Section Select
QMARK685360014579 CBDBS6 6' Blank Section Select
QMARK685360014586 CBDBS8 8' Blank Section Select
QMARK685360014609 CBDCIC Inside Corner Select
QMARK685360014616 CBDCOC Outside Corner Select
*This delivery time is for normal conditions and is subject to Qmark factory availability.

Qmark is a registered trademark of Marley Engineered Products.

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