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Control Panels Manufactured by Chromalox®

Chromalox Electric Heaters and Controls
We are an authorized distributor for Chromalox®

Chromalox 4466/4468 Contactor Temperature Control Panel40, 75 or 90 Amp Contactor for Resistive Loads. 120/240/480 Vac Fused Control Power Transformer.  Sophisticated temperature and over temperature controllers in a corrosion resistant NEMA 4X Fiberglas® or Nema 12 enclosure with a hinged screw cover. The panel is completely assembled, pre-wired, tested and ready for installation. Pilot Light or Controller Indication of Power "ON"

SCR or contactor panels sized to any application.

Solid state SCR control

Mechanical contactor control

Single- and three-phase

NEMA enclosures

120 to 480 Volt

Up to 600 Amp

Analog and digital controllers

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Chromalox® model 4460 and 4470 Mini Contactor Temperature Control Panels

The Chromalox 4460 and 4470 Temperature Control Panels combine full-featured, digital-indicating temperature and over-temperature controllers completely assembled, pre-tested and pre-wired in a NEMA 4 or 12 enclosure. Installation is easy, requiring only power supply, load and sensor wiring. Drawings and installation/operation manuals are also supplied.

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Chromalox® model 4537 Explosion Proof Control Panel

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Chromalox® model 3290 Multi-Loop Temperature Controller

3390.tif (213924 bytes)
Chromalox® model 3390 Multi-Loop PID Controller

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Chromalox® Power Control Center

Control Panel Heating (Typically The Panels Are Located Outdoors and Require Heating)


1). Calculate the total enclosure surface area in Square Inches.
2). Determine the temperature rise above ambient required (Temperature Gradient).
3). Using the graph below determine the heat loss in Watt/Sq.In..
4). Multiply the total surface area by the heat loss to determine the total wattage required.

Note: Subtract the wattage from internal control panel components from the total heat loss wattage required to determine the appropriate heating element wattage required.

5). Select an appropriately sized Chromalox strip heater.
6). Select an appropriate Chromalox thermostat assembly kit as follows:

Chrom. Part # Description
SBKT-1 PCN#386011 Closes at 38°F, Opens at 53°F
SBKT-2 PCN#386020 Closes at 60°F, Opens at 75°F
SBKT-3 PCN#386038 Closes at 105°F, Opens at 120°F

** Thermostats rated at 10amps@240VAC, and 13 amps@120VAC

Chromalox® is a registered trademark.

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