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Chromalox Electric Heaters and Controls
Mor Electric Heating is an authorized distributor for Chromalox®


SRL Heating Cable Self-Regulating Low Temperature Cable for Industrial Freeze Protection of pipes, valves, tanks and similar applications. Cartridge Heaters 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4" Dia.  50 - 5,000 Watts, 120 and 240 Volt, 1-1/4 - 48" Shaft Lengths, INCOLOY ® Sheath. For Dies and Molds, etc.
Chromalox Pre-Terminated Self-Regulating Freeze Protection Cable Thermwire Pre-assembled Self-Regulating Freeze Protection Cable for Metal or Plastic Water Pipes Up to 2.5 inch Diameter in wet or dry environments - Heat Output of 5 Watts per Foot - The Pre-assembled Thermwire-Wrap has an attached cord and plug for simple and quick installation. Ready for use up to 100 feet in length. Assemblies include 3 foot, 120 volt, 15 amp power cord and watertight end seal. Suitable for water supply lines, condensate lines, drain lines, outdoor spigots and other similar applications. UL Recognized for Residential and Mobile Home Pipe Freeze Protection Applications. SLDH Flexible Silicone Rubber Insulated Drum Heaters. For 5, 15, 30 and 55 Gallon Metal and Non-Metal Drums, Adjustable Thermostats. Drum heaters can withstand flexing without fear of premature failure.
SRM/E Self-Regulating Medium Temperature Heating Cable. Process Temperature Maintenance to 302°F. Industrial Process Maintenance Applications. Industrial Freeze Protection Applications.  3, 5, 8, 10, 15 and 20 W/Ft.. 120 and 208 - 277 Volt SRF-RG Roof and Gutter Heating Cable 120 Volts or 208 - 277 Volts, Commercial Grade 12 Watts/foot in snow or ice, Self-Regulating output, cut to length required
CWM Constant Wattage Medium Temperature Heating Cable.  Industrial/Process and Commercial/Construction. Flexible to Most Any Configuration. Fluoropolymer Jacket. 4, 8 and 12 W/Ft. 120, 208 - 277 and 480 Volt. Mineral Insulated Pipe Heat Trace. MI Insulated High Temperature Cable Constant Output, Alloy 825 Sheath, Exposure Temperature to 1100°F. Industrial Freeze Protection, Tank Heating, High Temperature Process Maintenance
MT-1 Screw-Plug Immersion Heaters for clean water applications.  1-1/4" NPT Brass Screw Plug. Copper Sheath Elements. High Watt Density (53 - 86 W/In 2 ) 0.6 - 2 kW. 120 and 240 Volt Immersion Direct contact heat source heats liquids, viscous fluids, forced air and gases
ChromaStar Infra-Red Radiant Heaters.  1.5 to 13.5 kW, 120, 208, 240, 277, 480, and 600 Volts, Fixed Overhead - Convertible to Portable  Model#: STAR-02-11-PC Includes 6 foot cord and 2-prong grounding type plug. Localized heating in large plants, Loading Docks, Narrow warehouse aisle heating, Garages, Dry paint , Prevent freezing of pipes, valves , Heat hoppers Dragon Portable DRA Electric Comfort Heater. 7.5 to 30 kW (208, 240, 480 or 600 Volts). Rugged industrial grade, self contained, highly mobile, electric blower heater. The bright red polyester powder coated heating cylinder is highly visible and can be rotated to direct heat or fan driven air movement where it is needed.
Band and Nozzle Grip tightly to cylindrical surfaces to supply uniform heat transfer. Flexible and come in one or two-piece construction for easy installation and removal. Accommodate diameters as small as 15/16" and as large as 20" and capable of reaching temperatures of 1600°F. Stainless steel braids and conduit protect terminations and resist contamination. Ring Single & Three Heat Ring Heaters.  125 - 1,800 Watts.  120 and 240 Volt. Mounts Element to Heated Surface . Tank Bottoms, Platens, Dies, Hot P
Type HBA One-Piece Nozzle Heaters.  1 - 4" Barrel Dia., 1 - 6" Widths, 200 - 800 Watts, 120 and 240 Volt, INCOLOY® Sheath, Up to 1500°F Max. Sheath Temp., Up to 1000°F Max. Nozzle Temp. A_77.jpg (5781 bytes) Chromalox Type HB Two-Piece Band Heater.  1-1/2" Two-Piece Band Heater, 5 - 20" Barrel Dia., 750 - 3,000 Watts, 240 Volt, 20 - 68 W/In 2, Chrome Steel Sheath, UP to 1200°F Max. Sheath Temp., UP to 800°F Max. Barrel Temp.
Circulation Heaters. Screwplug or flanged type immersion heater mounted in a thermally insulated heating chamber. Designed to provide high heating efficiency to a flowing medium (liquid, steam, air or gas) by in-line or side-arm operation. Pressures to 5000 psi and temperatures to 1200°F. 1.5 to 2000 kW.   SL-N Silicone Rubber Thin profile and direct contact of the heaters provide fast, efficient heat transfer to your part.
SL-B Flexible Silicone Rubber Insulated Enclosure & Air Heater.   25, 50, 100 and 250 Watts, 120 Volts, For freeze protection and condensate protection in electrical enclosures. Strip Used for heat transfer by conduction or convection to heat liquids, air, gases and surfaces.  Used for heat transfer by conduction or convection to heat liquids, air, gases and surfaces. 1-1/2" Wide, 7-1/2 - 47-1/2" Lengths, 150 - 2,250 Watts, 120 and 240 Volt
RTU Replacement Elements. 3/8" Dia. Heart Cross-Section. INCOLOY® Sheath. 400 - 6,500 Watts. 120, 208, 240, 275 and 480 Volt 1600°F Max. Sheath Temp. Tubular Heat transfer by conduction, convection or radiation to heat liquids, air, gases and surfaces. Round, triangular, flat press and formed bends from .200" to .475" diameters, temperatures to 1600°F, up to 600 volts. Up to 172", 75 - 10,000 Watts, 120, 240 and 480 Volt, Copper, Steel, Stainless Steel, INCOLOY sheath materials
Convection Wall Mounted Convection Heater self-contained, complete with thermostat, automatic reset.  Each unit is self-contained, complete with thermostat, automatic reset (standard) and manual reset (optional) cutout. 500 - 5,000 Watts
1,706 - 17,060 Btuh, 120, 208, 240, 277, 480, 575 and 600 Volt, 24, 36 or 48" Widths
Unit (Blower) Heaters
Quiet, reliable fan-forced heating. Vertical, Explosion Resistant, Corrosion Resistant Heaters. Horizontal Blower Heater is self-contained, quiet, reliable fan-forced heating, 2.6 - 45 kW, 8,900 - 153,000 Btuh, 208, 240, 277, 480 and 600 Volt, Wall or Ceiling Mounted
CP Panel Heaters Flat-Faced Wide Area Radiant Panel Heaters. Woven refractory cloth with a black ceramic coating on the front. 0.55 - 18 kW. 120, 230, 240 and 480 Volt. 1650°F Max. Emitter Temperature. 6 - 60" Long x 12 - 30" Wide, Ink Drying and Spot Curing for Printing and Silk Screening, Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming or Wherever Close Maximum Heat is Required CPHI Series Flat-Faced Wide Area Radiant Panel Heaters.  High Intensity Quartz Faced Radiant Heater, 1.6 - 4.8 kW, 240 and 480 Volt, 1750°F Max. Emitter Temp., 10" Long x 4 - 12" Wide. Moisture Removal, Soften Plastics prior to Thermoforming or Wherever Close Maximum Heat is Required
RAD Industrial Heaters 0.40 to 4.5 kW. One metal sheathed tubular heating element in a housing assembly available in lengths between 13 5/8" and 106" Width is 3 11/16" DU-RAD (Single element double hairpin) 1.6 - 7.83 kW, 120, 208, 240, 275 and 480 Volt, 3/8" Dia. INCOLOY ® Sheath Elements (type UTU), 1500°F Max. Sheath Temp.
RADD (two element)  1.6 - 13 kW, 120, 208, 240, 275 and 480 Volt, 3/8" Dia. INCOLOY® Sheath Elements (type RTU), 1500°F Max. Sheath Temp. FW Food Warmers (Single Element) 0.5 - 1.05 kW.   120, 208 and 240 Volt, 3/8" Dia. INCOLOY Sheath Elements, 1250°F Max. Sheath Temp., Use where cooked food is placed for pickup to maintain serving temperatures.
U-RAD (one or two element) 0.80 to 7.2 kW Metal Tubular Element Industrial Reflector Assemblies. 120, 208, 240, 275 and 480 Volt, 3/8" Dia. INCOLOY® Sheath Elements,  1500°F Max. Sheath Temp. U-RP - mounted on channels (3-6 elements) 13.2 - 36 kW , 208, 240, 275 and 480 Volt,  3/8" Dia. INCOLOY ® Sheath Elements, 1500°F Max. Sheath Temp.
RAD-H Hermetically Sealed for Humid Areas (Single Element) 0.7 - 3.6 kW., 120 and 240 Volt, 3/8" Dia. INCOLOY Sheath Elements, 1000°F Max. Sheath Temp., For Humid Area Environments, Rubber and Synthetic Fabric Processing, Meat and Food Processing LN and LW Oven Modular Sections (Single Metal or Quartz Element) 0.45 - 3.8 kW. , 120, 208, 240, 480 and 600 Volt, 6" Wide Section (type LN) or 12" Wide Section (type LW)
S-RAD (Single Element) 0.95 - 4.4 kW., 120, 208, 240 and 275 Volt, 3/8" Dia. INCOLOY Sheath Elements, 1500°F Max. Sheath Temp. For Resin Curing, Thermoforming, Equipment Packaging, Mirror Manufacturing, Rubber Curing, etc. RUTU (Single Hairpin Element) 0.8 - 3.6 kW., 120, 208, 240, 275 and 480 Volt, 3/8" Dia. INCOLOY Sheath Elements, 1500°F Max. Sheath Temp., High Intensity Applications, Fast-Moving Webs and other applications where high temperatures will not damage materials
DQ Metaray® Heaters Type DQ Direct Wire Spot Heaters. (1,000 Watt Ceramic Replacement) (375 - 500 Watt Lamp Replacement). 120 Volt,  Spot Heating, Asphalt and Vinyl Tile Glue Softening, Thawing, Touch-Up Paint Curing FR Metaray® Heaters Type FR and FRR Edison Base Spot Heaters.  (375 - 500 Watt Lamp Replacement). 120 Volt, Replaces G-30 lamps and R-40 lamps. Spot Heating, Asphalt and Vinyl Tile Glue Softening, Thawing, Touch-Up Paint Curing
HF Portable Blower Comfort Heater 120/240 Volts. 1.9 - 4 kW, AC and DC Rated Models, Heavy duty HF portable blower heaters are ideal for heating small areas in industrial environments and are available in DC ratings for use in crane cabs. Applications: Construction Sites, Garages, Work Stations, Warehouses, Crane Cabs, Storage Buildings Air Heaters. Process Air heaters include a broad variety of stock and custom designs to heat air or other gases in ducts, autoclaves or ovens. They employ an assembly of sheathed tubular, Fintube(r) or Finstrip(r) elements in various configurations that consistently outperform gas, oil and open coil electric heaters. Process air heaters are available in voltages to 600V, ratings to 3.2 megawatts and application temperatures to 1200°F. Applications include warming, drying, preheating, curing and heat treating.
U-RAD-LT Liquid Tight Sealed Reflector Assemblies One or two U-shaped metal sheathed tubular heating elements available in lengths between 13 5/16"  and 87 1/4". The special protective terminal cover provides liquid tight protection to terminals. 3/8" diameter Incoloy® sheath elements. 120, 208, 240, 275, 480 Volts    
KR Spot Heating Assembly. Plug-in Single Fixed Element Radiant Heater. Comfort heat in indoor and protected outdoor locations. Ceiling mounted by chains, steel strap or other means. 0.8 - 1.8 kW, 120, 208 and 240 Volt , Protective Grille

 Heat Transfer Selection Guide

Heat Transfer Systems & Boilers Complete packaged systems with heaters, controls, pumps, valves & necessary plumbing for pumping hot or cold fluids such as water and glycol solutions.
SCB Edison Screw Base Space Heater. 50 - 200 Watts, 120 and 240 Volt, Brass Sheath, Installs in standard porcelain lamp socket. Prevent moisture accumulation, mildew and freezing in clothes lockers, fire extinguisher cabinets and control boxes. Also used in resistor banks.    

NWHJR Booster Heater-Water Applications. Heavy Wall Carbon Steel or Brass Pipe Body. 1.5 - 3 kW. 120 and 240V, Single Phase. 0.315" Dia. Copper Sheath Elements (80 W/In2). General Purpose or Moisture Resistant Terminal Enclosure. Integral Thermostat (60 - 180°F). Can be used to supply hot water or boost water temperature anywhere in a water distribution system.    

Controls and Accessories:


SBKT Control Panel Thermostat. Designed for control of temperature in instrument control cabinets. Three Temperature Ranges, 15A @ 120V, 10.5A @ 240V, 9.3A @ 277V, Ambient Temperature 350°F Max, Note: Leads and mounting hardware provided to mount on Chromalox Strip Heaters. 4003 DIN-Rail Mount Three Phase Power Controller. (A replacement for Mercury Contactors/Relays), Three Phase Loads up to 60 Amps, 575 Vac, 9-35 Vdc, 100-240 Vac or 24 Vac Input Signals, Easy DIN-Rail or Sub-Panel Installation, Size Compatible for Easy Replacement of Mercury Displacement Relays, Optional Integral Heatsink Thermostat
thermoc.tif (195480 bytes) Thermocouples and RTD's (Resistance Temperature Detectors). Precision Insulated Thermocouples, J, K, T and E Calibrations, Made From Special Limits of Error Wire, Available in 36 and 72" Lengths, Convenient 5-Packs CH Infinite Control Mechanism. Mechanical Bi-Metal Operation, Knob Setting 0 - 100% Output, (DPST) Snap-Action, Positive Break, 120 or 240 Vac, 1,800 & 3,600 Watts. Infinite control for noninductive loads up to 15 Amps. Select proper heat from 0-100% wattage with infinite control over the first 50% of total wattage.
AR and ARR Thermostats - Non-Indicating Industrial Temperature control of any electrically heated solid, liquid or gas. Excellent for ovens or sterilizers.  Bulb & Capillary, 0 - 700°F Temperature Range, Single Phase, 120 - 480 Vac , Three Phase, 208 - 277 Vac , Reverse Acting Model ARR, Knob Cover & Pilot Light (Option), Excellent for ovens or sterilizers, Molding machines, Heat exchangers, Labeling machines, Water baths, Heat sealer, Type ARR may be used to control refrigerating, ventilating and alarm systems. Heat Transfer and Release Compound Improves heat transfer and release of cartridge, tubular in drilled holes. Strip and Ring heaters in grooves or clamped on to rough surfaces.  Recommended for use in the above applications where sheath temperature of the heater is expected to exceed 750°F. Excellent heat transfer coefficient approaching that of aluminum. Max. Temperature: 1800°F
VCF Percentage Timing Input Controller.  Flush mounted controller for indoor use, Motor Driven Cycling Device, 115 & 230 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 20 & 25 Amp Capacity, 15 & 30 Second Cycles, Percentage timing can be set to energize a heater for a chosen percentage (4-100%) of a preset 15 or 30 second cycle, For Processes requiring exact replication of heat pulses, Varying work loads, Conveyors, Radiant heat control Temperature Control Panels SCR or contactor panels sized to any application. Full-featured, digital-indicating temperature and over-temperature controllers. SCR or contactor panels sized to any application. Solid state SCR control. Mechanical contactor control, 120 to 480 Volt, Up to 600 Amp , Analog and digital controllers
4466/4468 Contactor Temperature Control Panel40, 75 or 90 Amp Contactor for Resistive Loads. 120/240/480 Vac Fused Control Power Transformer.  Sophisticated temperature and overtemperature controllers in a corrosion resistant NEMA 4X Fiberglas® or Nema 12 enclosure with a hinged screw cover. The panel is completely assembled, pre-wired, tested and ready for installation. Pilot Light or Controller Indication of Power "ON" WCRT Corrosion Resistant Wall Mounted Industrial Room Thermostat. Directly control an individual heater. Using an external contactor, it can control several heaters. High level accuracy and sensitivity with 2.5°F differential. The control has a SPDT output and can be used for heating or cooling. 25-Amps, 120 - 240 Vac. 22 - Amps, 277 Vac. Positive Snap-Action Switch. Heating or Cooling Control, SPDT Contacts. NEMA 4X Weatherproof Enclosure. 40 - 100°F Temperature Range.

Chromalox® main catalog.
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    Radiant Heaters

    Comfort Heaters
    Heat Transfer Systems

    Control Panels
    Process Controllers
    Power Controllers

Tubular Heaters
Screwplug Heaters
Cartridge Heaters
Flanged Heaters
Strip & Ring Heaters
Radiant Heaters
Band & Nozzle Heaters
Circulation Heaters
Corrosion Resistant Heaters
Over the Side Heaters
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Flexible Molded Products
Heating Cable

Safe, versatile, easy-to-use heat sources to produce low or high pressure steam or hot water for industrial processes and comfort heating.
3 to 1620 kW
9 to 4883 pounds of dry steam per hour
0 to 250 PSI

Heat Transfer Systems
Versatile, easy to use, complete packaged systems for pumping hot or cold fluids such as water, glycol solutions, Dowtherm®, Therminol® and others through the users process where tight process temperatures are required. These systems are complete with heaters, controls, pumps, valves and necessary plumbing.
Operating temperature ranges from -40 to 750°F.
kW range from 4 to 1200
Btu/hr range from 13 to 4,094
Operating pressure from atmospheric to 150 PSI.
Higher pressures are available.
Systems are available with ASME certification where required.

Comfort Heaters
Air heaters, convection heaters, and radiant heaters.
Horizontal unit
Vertical unit
Blower units
Explosion resistant
Corrosion resistant
Wall mount

Radiant Heaters
Pedestal mount
Ceiling mount


Standard RTD and TC bare probes
RTD and TC probes with connected heads
Spring loaded RTD and TC probes
RTD and TC extension wire
RTD and TC jacks and plugs
RTD and TC switches
Bayonet TC's

Non-contact infrared systems
TC and RTD calibrators

Process Controllers
Single loop control
Multiple loop control
Ramp/soak control
Environmental test chamber control
Over-temperature control
Alarm monitors
Time switches

Power Controllers
Up to 800 Amp capacity
120 to 600 Volt
Solid state SCRs
DIN rail mount SCRs
Mechanical contactors
Mercury contactors
UL Listed
NEMA enclosures

Control Panels
SCR or contactor panels sized to any application.
Solid state SCR control
Mechanical contactor control
Single- and three-phase
NEMA enclosures
120 to 480 Volt
Up to 600 Amp
Analog and digital controllers

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