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Chromalox SL-N Flexible Silicone Rubber Insulated Heaters

Chromalox Electric Heaters and Controls
Mor Electric Heating is an authorized distributor for Chromalox®


General Purpose Heater

• Standard Pre-Designed Sizes and Ratings

• Most Models Stocked

• Square, Rectangular and Round Shapes

• Chemical and Moisture Resistant

• 10" Leads

• Flexible

• Standard 1" Square to 12" W x 48" L in 120 Volts

• Custom Designed Models Available


Standard Chromalox Silicone Rubber heaters are pre-designed and available in a wide array of sizes and ratings to meet customer needs. Some models are stocked and can be shipped within 24 hours from receipt of your order. All standard models incorporate 10" silicone insulated stranded lead wire. Stocked items can be modified to include pressure sensitive adhesive but, will require additional lead time.

Standard Thickness Ranges from 0.030" to 0.060" except at Lead Pad which is 0.15" Thick Depending on Design.

Standard Resistance Tolerance is -10%, +5%.

Silicon Rubber Material Temperature Range -80°F to +390°F


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Delivery times:

For heaters with a stock status of ST (Stock): Typically in 5-7 workdays or less plus allow additional time for your selected UPS or FedEx shipping method.For heaters with a stock status of NS (Non Stock): These products are non-returnable. Typically ships in 25-27 workdays or less plus allow additional time for your selected UPS or FedEx shipping method.Price below does not include shipping cost which is calculated using your address before entering your credit card number. Note: For heaters with a stock status of NS (Non Stock): A minimum order amount is required by Chromalox and varies depending on the price of the product. The total dollar value per line item must be at least approximately 300.00.


Item Id PCN # Catalog No. Stock Status (See note above) Click "Select" below to see price and real-time quantity in stock
CHROM121515 121515 SL-N-1-05-0-10-S-120V-25W ST


CHROM121523 121523 SL-N-1-10-0-10-S-120V-50W ST Select
CHROM121531 121531 SL-N-1-15-0-10-S-120V-75W NS Select
CHROM121540 121540 SL-N-1-20-0-10-S-120V-100W ST Select
CHROM121566 121566 SL-N-1-30-0-10-S-120V-150W ST Select
CHROM121574 121574 SL-N-1-35-0-10-S-120V-175W ST Select
CHROM121582 121582 SL-N-1-40-0-10-S-120V-200W ST Select
CHROM121590 121590 SL-N-1-80-0-10-S-120V-400W ST Select
CHROM121611 121611 SL-N-2-02-0-10-S-120V-20W ST Select
CHROM121620 121620 SL-N-2-05-0-10-S-120V-50W ST Select
CHROM121638 121638 SL-N-2-10-0-10-S-120V-100W ST Select
CHROM121646 121646 SL-N-2-15-0-10-S-120V-150W ST Select
CHROM121654 121654 SL-N-2-20-0-10-S-120V-200W ST Select
CHROM121662 121662 SL-N-2-20-0-10-S-240V-200W ST Select
CHROM121689 121689 SL--N-2-30-0-10-S-120V-300W ST Select
CHROM121697 121697 SL-N-2-35-0-10-5-120V-350W ST Select
CHROM121700 121700 SL-N-2-40-0-10-5-120V-400W NS Select
CHROM121726 121726 SL-N-3-05-0-10-S-120V-75W ST Select
CHROM121734 121734 SL-N-3-10-0-10-S-120V-150W ST Select
CHROM121742 121742 SL-N-3-15-0-10-S-120V-225W ST Select
CHROM121750 121750 SL-N-3-15-0-10-S-240V-225W NS Select
CHROM121769 121769 SL-N-3-20-0-10-S-120V-300W ST Select
CHROM121777 121777 SL-N-3-20-0-10-S-240V-300W ST Select
CHROM121785 121785 SL-N-3-25-0-10-S-120V-375W ST Select
CHROM121793 121793 SL-N-3-30-0-10-S-120V-450W ST Select
CHROM121806 121806 SL-N-3-35-0-10-S-120V-525W NS Select
CHROM121814 121814 SL-N-3-40-0-10-S-120V-600W ST Select
CHROM121822 121822 SL-N-4-10-0-10-S-120V-200W ST Select
CHROM121849 121849 SL-N-5-10-0-10-S-120V-250W ST Select
CHROM121857 121857 SL-N-5-15-0-10-S-120V-375W ST Select
CHROM121865 121865 SL-N-5-20-0-10-S-120V-500W ST Select
CHROM121873 121873 SL-N-6-15-0-10-S-120V-450W ST Select
CHROM121881 121881 SL-N-6-20-0-10-S-120V-600W ST Select

Chromalox® is a registered trademark.

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