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Manufacturers Web Site Links

Aube Technologies (Thermostats and Timers for Baseboard, Convective, Tile/Floor and Ceiling Heaters, Switches and Thermometers)
Avatar Instruments (SCR Power Controls)
Calorique, Ltd. (Radiant Ceiling Heating, Heated Stair Treads, Floor Warming and Mirror Defogging.)
Chromalox Heaters and Controls (Electric Heating Products, Controls and Systems)
Dalton.gif (1132 bytes) Dalton Electric Heating Co., Inc. (Split Sheath Cartridge Heaters and Vacuum Diffusion Pump Platen Heaters)
Danfoss Danfoss, Inc. (Floor Warming Systems, Snow Melting, Roof and Gutter De-icing, Pipe Tracing)
Easy Heat, Inc. (Floor Warming Systems, Snow Melting, Roof and Gutter De-icing, Pipe Tracing and Thermal Storage Reservoirs)
Eemax Inc. (Instantaneous Water Heaters)
E.F.M. Elect-T-Therm Electric Boiler for Forced Hot Water Systems
Electromode (Dimplex North America Ltd.) Commercial, Industrial and Residential Electric Heating Products
eti.gif (5043 bytes) ETI (Environmental Technology Inc.) (Electronic Controls for Heating Cable and Snow Melting)
Excel Dryer, Inc. (Wall mounted hand dryers.)
Exergen Corp. (Infrared Thermometers: Non-Contact Infrared Sensors, Thermocouples and Scanners)
Fastheat.gif (3594 bytes) Fast Heat, Inc. (Electric Heating Elements, Sensors and Controls)

Fostoria Industries, Inc. (Metal and Quartz Infrared Heaters and Dock Lighting)

HBControls (Solid State Relay Assemblies)
  Honeywell Thermostats, Relays, Transformers and Thermometers
 Hotwatt HotWatt, Inc. (Industrial and Air Process Heaters)


Indeeco (Industrial Engineering & Equipment Co.) (Duct, Unit and Explosion Proof Heaters, Hot Water Boilers)
Indu-Tool. Cozy Legs Radiant Heating Panel, Footwarmer Mat, Ice-Away Heated Ice & Snow Melting Mat, TT Toasty Toes Ergonomic Heated Footrest, CF Cozy Feet Battery-Powered Heated Shoe Inserts
Johnson Controls Johnson Controls (Industrial and Commercial Space Thermostats)
King Electrical Manufacturing Co. Commercial, Industrial and Residential Electric Heating Products
Markel Products Co. (Baseboard, Wall and Ceiling Heaters)
Marley Engineered Products Qmark, Leading Edge, Marley Industrial Products.
Mars.gif (6562 bytes) Mars Sales Co., Inc. (Heated and Unheated Air Doors)
nuheat NUHEAT Industries Ltd. (Floor Warming Systems, Snow Melting, Roof and Gutter De-icing, Pipe Tracing)
Ogden.gif (7414 bytes) Ogden Manufacturing Co. (Process Electric Heating and Controls)
Omega.jpg (9542 bytes) Omega Heater Co., Inc. (Electric Heating Products, Controls and Systems)
Pynbrght.jpg (13154 bytes) Payne Engineering (Silicone Controlled Rectifier and Solid State Relay Power Controls)
Powerblanket - Concrete Curing & Frozen Ground Thawing Equipment, Drum Heaters & Tote Warming Equipment
Pyromation, Inc. (Thermocouples, RTD's, Temperature Sensors and Instruments)
Qmark Electric Heating Products (A Division of Marley Engineered Products) (Baseboard, Wall, Ceiling and Cabinet Unit Heaters)
Raywall (Comfort Conditioning Products)
Solaira Quartz Infrared Patio and comfort Heaters
Solar Products (Flat Faced Panel Infrared Heaters)
Sun Electric Heater Company (1/8" Diameter Split Sheath Cartridge Heaters)
TPI Corp. (Comfort Conditioning) Markel Products, Raywall, Redd-I, Columbus Electric, Stemco and Fostoria Ind. (heat equipment, ventilation equipment, lighting equipment and temperature controls)
Tempco Electric Tempco Electric Heater Corp. (Process Heating and Temperature Control. Engineered Electric Heating Elements, Temperature Sensors and Electronic Power Control Systems)
Warren.gif (3376 bytes) Warren Technology (Electric Duct Heaters)
Watlow Watlow/Gordon (Electric Heating Products, Controls and Systems)
White Rodgers (Heating and A/C Thermostats and Relays)
WarmlyYours Floor warming system and Thermostats, mirror defoggers, area warmers and towel warmers

Well Traveled Living Mojave Sun Portable 1500 Watt Infrared Pole Mount Patio Heater

Wrap-On Roof and Gutter Heating Cables. Pipe Heating Cable.

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